After & Before Media Kit

This page is for the media, booksellers, or anyone looking for
Ted M. Alexander's information in a quick, easy-to-print format.

After & Before by Ted M. Alexander

Short Synopsis

Hypnosis leads a marketing executive to the titillating and then terrifying world of her previous lives, but her journey doesn’t end there.

Medium Synopsis

When Jane McBride, a Manhattan marketing sensation caught in a loveless marriage, attempts to explore her previous lives using hypnotic therapy, a journey of self-awareness quickly escalates into frightening glimpses of a chaotic past.
   At first the encounters are exciting, then troubling, until finally raw panic ignites when
the journeys begin to occur randomly, without hypnosis and without control. Jane reaches
out to her hypnotist for help, only to discover
that . . . the woman who led her away can’t bring her back!

Five points of interest about After & Before:

  1. After & Before was the fifth title.
  2. The name McBride was taken from a movie crawl.
  3. The author knows several people influenced past- life regression.
  4. The novel was written on and off over a period of ten years.
  5. Twyla was a composite of several office assistants.

Interview Questions for Ted Alexander

  1. How did you arrive at the title After & Before?
  2. Would you give me a brief summary of the book?
  3. Was your main character, Jane McBride, anyone in particular or is she totally fictional?
  4. Do you believe in past-life regression?
  5. Were you targeting any market segment with your novel?
  6. What can the reader learn from After & Before?
  7. Do you have any formula for successfully finishing a novel?
  8. Who’s your favorite author?
  9. Where can the book be purchased?

Bio for Ted Alexander

Ted Alexander is an American novelist and columnist for the Asheville Citizen-Times. His first novel, The Fall of Summer was released in October 2014.
Ted Alexander grew up in Vermont and Long Island, New York. He won a Shubert creative writing fellowship, completed his Masters Degree, then joined a rock band and toured America for five years. He later worked as an account supervisor and media director for two Manhattan advertising agencies, followed by a career in publishing. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina.
His second novel, After and Before was released September 2015.