Twyla, a regression therapist and Dolly Parton wannabe, sends marketing executive Jane McBride tumbling through time passages, exposing her to previous lives. One stop recurs. Her arms are locked around his neck. Fully clothed and dancing with bare feet is insanely intimate. Hours later, seated on the back of an Indian motorcycle, huddled against his back, she watches the countryside stream by in yards of dazzling color. 
Then he's gone.
Jane sits in the office, her fingers sunburned, her cheeks flushed. She's desperate to return to him. Twyla offers only the fermented smile of the Grim Reaper. "Can't help you, Jane, honey. This isn't real, you know. Regression is only a mind game."

“Dynamic . . . An arresting novel that grounds its story first before spinning readers off into a rewarding, dreamlike finale . . . a strong, dizzyingly fun payoff!
—Kirkus Reviews

Reviews for The Fall of Summer

“This is a very impressive debut . . . No cardboard cutouts here. These are real people and Alexander makes us care about them. One looks forward to Alexander's second novel, due out next year.”  —Kirkus Reviews
"A fantastic story that transcends time while also managing to so beautifully evoke days gone by."
— Gabe Robinson, former editor HarperCollins Publishers
"There’s tenderness and wisdom in Ted Alexander’s novel, as there is in his well-regarded column in Asheville's Citizen-Times. He promises another book, After & Before, in 2015. I’m on the waiting list for another great read."
— Suzanne McLain Rosenwasser, author, Manhasset Stories: A Baby Boomer Looks Back
“Alexander’s debut novel immersed me in fascination, wonder . . . I did not want it to end.”
New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association